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Thread: the logos

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    the logos

    logos means computer in ancient languages
    logos also means vampirism
    tatoo is the reverse shipment of tartarus
    insignia is the insanity of the scription
    emblem is the heart of the design

    heres my logos - insignia - emblem

    the emblem means tyrant
    usurper of sovereignty
    translated into twyllxyz (my slang) - usurper of ignorance - twyll (fraud) th`chyll(producer of illogical cost)tyrant
    twyll th` chylltyrant

    the insignia means lyrictricity
    the design of the poets words to reach the minds of the audience

    the logos here means the effect of the act
    it is a mask

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    Re: the logos

    I will say the last one looks cool.


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